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26 Amusing Pets That Act So Weird You Might Doubt That They’re Animals at All


We often notice that animals try to be more like us. Especially our pets when, for example, dogs sit like humans, cats imitate our speech, and birds forget that they should sleep sitting, not lying down. This seems really cute, but why do they do these things?

We at Bright Side don’t know the answer to this question, we just want to share these cute photos with you.

1. He is probably a pretty good singer.

2. “Look, it’s just gravity — it’s not some force I can’t control!”

3. “Any particular reason why my bowl is empty?”

4. “This is how you sit on the sofa!”

5. She just loves to sit like a human, because why not?

6. “My dad and his ‘step-cat’ watching YouTube”

7. This dog missed his owners so much that he took off his leash and went to a store looking for them. Unfortunately, a guard wouldn’t let the dog in, so it just returned to its original spot and continued waiting.

8. This cat just loves warm places.

9. He’s just enjoying some good music.

10. What a perfect family!

11. Take time to stop and smell the forest.

12. This cat learned to turn on the lamp. So now he turns it on every night when he feels hungry.

13. My pup cries every night before bed until she’s tucked in like this.

14. “My girl posed for a photo right after giving birth...”

15. This dog looks like he is in a photo shoot for a famous magazine.

16. Ducks walk on snow for the first time.

17. A cat that loves books

18. Some owls forget how birds are supposed to sleep.

19. This cat wanted to take a shower, but then it remembered that it was a cat.

20. She prefers to sit this way.

21. This horse looks like a really good boxer.

22. These dogs realize that sitting at a desk is essential for learning things well.

23. Kung Fu master

24. “Sleepy birdy”

25. My dad taking my old dog for a drive

26. When you become more and more suspicious with age:

Have you ever seen your pets do anything human-like?