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If None of These Floofies Can Make You Smile Today, Nothing Can

Pets can make you happy, and that’s not just obvious, it’s science. These fluffy buddies can greatly improve your mental health and a huge part of it is due to their kind-spirited nature, loyalty, and, of course, their incredibly cute eyes.

Bright Side has gathered many adorable pics that will make your day (and hopefully your week) better, so that whenever you’re feeling a little down you can always come back to this post.

1. A buddy can be a very comfortable pillow.

2. Small cloud loves big cloud.

3. One small step for cats, one giant leap for the feline.

4. A cute little stalker on the plane

5. Meet Ginger, my favorite model!

6. Baby Donkey before he met Shrek

7. Triple purrito

8. “Am I a giraffe now? Does that mean I’ll grow my neck?”

9. How I have to eat every meal

10. Pirate puppy enjoying spooky season

11. Looks like a new alternate browser icon.

12. Never knew you could hold darkness in your own hand!

13. His heart is on his tummy, which probably means he’s a snack lover.

14. In this team, the cat is the secret weapon.

15. You just can’t get mad, no matter what they ruin.

16. Land turtle in need of help

17. An adorable ball of fluff half a foot long

18. Daddy wouldn’t let me get in the front seat.

19. The best place for cats is anywhere they want.

20. “Let me taste this cold nose.”

21. Who’s hiding under the blanket?

Which one of these cuties made you gasp and go “awww” the most? Let us know in the comments.

Preview photo credit Prize_Security_8090 / Reddit
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