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This Doggo Knows How to Bottle-Feed, Babysit, Make the Bed, and Help His Humans on the Farm

The video that shows a charming Australian Shepherd bottle-feeding a baby goat won the hearts of thousands of people who can’t stop wondering how a dog can possibly do something like that. The name of the dog in the video is Dusty, and he’s a smart, gifted pup who does so many things to help humans and make their lives happier, it’s hard to imagine.

We at Bright Side asked Dusty’s owners to tell us how their boy learned to bottle-feed and we discovered that this is not the only amazing thing the dog can do.

Dusty lives on a family farm together with his humans, Jeff and Emily Mabeys and their kids, Dawson, Aubrey, and Anders, as well as other Aussies and farm animals.

Here’s what Emily told us about the day when Dusty first fed a baby goat milk:

“Easter 2019, we gave our children baby goats. One of the goats had been abandoned by its mother and needed to be bottle-fed for a couple of months. Of course, we all loved feeding him, but thought it would be fun to see if Dusty could do it! The video was the first time he ever tried it. He is trained to ’fetch,’ which means put anything in his mouth and hold it. So we told him to fetch the bottle and the baby goat came running up to eat!”

The bottle-feeding trick is super cute and impressive, but Dusty has a lot of other things to surprise us with. It turns out, this dog has many talents!

“He loves to play in the pastures and in the water (he competes in dock diving), he enjoys spending time with our kids and our other dogs, and he loves to ride on tractors! He is very smart and trained to not only do special tricks, but he’s also a licensed therapy dog,” says Emily.

“He goes to Priary Children’s hospital and sits with children doing chemo or other procedures to help comfort them. Dusty has traveled from coast to coast (East to West) visiting his ’children.’ He’s fathered puppies all over the world, and with his social media popularity, his puppies are very very sought after, specifically for their amazing temperament, sweet demeanor, and how gorgeous they are, just like their daddy! He’s the best boy and very, very loved by everyone who meets him!”

On their Instagram account, the Mabeys family shares the tricks and other cute, funny things Dusty does, and we’re happy to show you some of them.

Feeding the baby

Going shopping

Playing card games

Roasting marshmallows

Making the bed

Catching a frisbee


And here’s a video that shows these and other spellbinding tricks performed by Dusty. Enjoy!

Which of Dusty’s tricks impressed you the most? Do your pets do anything special? Tell us in the comments!

Preview photo credit greenvalleyaussies / Instagram
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