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11 Funny Comparisons of Those Who Live in Big Cities to Those Who Live in the Countryside

Many of those who were born in small towns and in the countryside want to escape to the big city as soon as possible. Of course, this move has certain advantages: higher salaries, better entertainment, and a richer cultural life. But a quiet life in a small town also has its advantages: clean air, natural food, always someone to talk to, and if you get too lonely, neighbors will immediately find you a match.

At Bright Side, we created a few comics in which the upper image shows life in a big city, while the lower one represents life in a small town. We are really curious as to whether you’ll recognize yourself, your friends, or your relatives in these pictures.

11. A city dweller becomes panic-stricken by just thinking about having to wash dishes. Someone from a small town: “Come on, you just don’t have cattle.”

10. In a city, we don’t get close to our neighbors. Everything is different in a small town.

9. Even city mosquitoes are weak. It’s a different matter when nature is just around the corner.

8. City kids might see a live rabbit just a couple of times in their life. Village kids know all too well that food doesn’t grow at the grocery store.

7. City dwellers can go on vacation at any time of year. It’s not that easy for those in small towns.

6. The commute to work is torture in both a big city and a small town.

5. Fashionistas attract attention in a big city, while in a small town, skillful hands get all the attention.

4. There are different ways of looking for a significant other in the city and in a small town.

3. City girls tend to invest in their appearance, while small-town girls prefer to make their place look nice.

2. City dwellers prefer to eat some exotic food out at a restaurant. Villagers like to eat at home, with home-cooked traditional food on the table.

1. In a city apartment building, you can’t get away from the noise coming from your neighbors above, below, and next door to your apartment. In a small town, it’s always peaceful and quiet.

Where would you prefer to live: in a lively big city, in a cozy small town, or in the countryside? Tell us in the comments below.

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