13 Cool Office Spaces That Can Make You Change Your Job

We hope this isn’t the case for you, but so many workplaces are generic, boring, and depressing. Cramped cubicles, empty greyish-white walls, and bad lighting can all affect your productivity and overall well-being. Luckily, there are companies that want to provide their employees with the healthiest work environments possible to keep everyone happy, productive, and satisfied with their jobs. They want their staff to look forward to coming to work every day, and here’s where they get creative.

Bright Side has found office spaces that deserve an award for their awesomeness. Maybe they will even inspire you to borrow some cool features from these places and make your own office more enjoyable.

1. Selgas Cano Architecture, Madrid

Selgas Cano is a Spanish architecture firm. Located in the woods near Madrid, this is the perfect office for those who love nature. Just imagine sitting at your desk, looking out the window — which is also a wall — and soaking in all that peace and quiet of the forest.

2. Inventionland design factory, Pittsburgh

This immersive work environment isn’t called Inventionland for nothing — it is truly inventive! Just look at all of these fun places where you can work! It feels like you are in a fairy tale where anything can happen — even something magical.

3. Pallotta Teamworks, Los Angeles

Pallotta TeamWorks is a fundraising company and its office is actually a warehouse! That’s why this space is comprised of shipping containers and tents. Yellow is the predominant color here, so there’s definitely a lot of positive energy floating around all over the place!

4. WhiteBalance, New Dehli

This creative agency’s office is a former pharmaceutical warehouse from the ’60s and they’ve done a great job redecorating the space. Now it looks modern and offbeat — a perfect place to be productive and come up with new ideas in!

5. Zynga, San Francisco

Zynga is a gaming company and there’s really no doubt about it — just look at their office space! It’s basically saying, “If you want to work and have fun, come here and enjoy the playful atmosphere!”

6. White Mountain, Stockholm

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be in a bunker? Well, that’s just the right question for the guys who work at WikiLeaks. Their office space used to be an atomic bomb shelter, and it looks like it’s decorated for a sci-fi movie!

7. Google, Tel Aviv

If you’ve ever watched The Internship, you already know how much fun working at Google can be. But are Google offices really as cool as they show us on TV? They actually are!

8. Miagui Imagevertising, Porto Alegre

Miagui Imagevertising, a creative production studio, is indeed ingenious. The warm lighting and the net are an excellent way to keep employees relaxed and have their minds swarming with new ideas.

9. Missing Link, Fourways

Missing Link is a South African presentation and conference organizing company, and their office is no ordinary place. If you want to feel like a firefighter or a special agent ready to save the world — they have a pole that would be just right for you!

10. Ticketmaster, London

Here comes another slide! Ticketmaster, an online ticket retailer, surely knows how to elevate the mood of its employees!

11. Uniplaces, Lisbon

This student housing company, Uniplaces, also knows how important it is to keep their staff relaxed. If your back hurts from sitting at a desk for hours — go sit on a net and feel like you’re floating on a cloud above your coworkers!

12. Google, Zurich

There can never be too many awesome Google offices. And they deserve to be seen — check out how creative this space is. This Google office in Zurich also has a slide — it’s just impossible not to love it!

13. The Wonderfactory, New York City

The Wonderfactory, which specializes in brand experiences, has an office that looks like it came straight out of a dream. It could be a good dream or a nightmare — so be careful and try not to walk into the hell room by accident!

In which of these offices would you like to work? Do you have any cool features at your workplace? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Preview photo credit jingdianjiaju1 / flickr
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