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15 Before and After Photos That Show Time Flies But Some Things Never Change

Sooner or later, time takes a toll on all of us. But, sometimes, no matter how many years have passed and how many wrinkles are added to our faces, some things, like a family car or a place your great-grandparents visited, remain the same.

We at Bright Side love looking at pics that were taken decades apart, and we prepared for you a compilation of the best ones we could find.

1. “Pictures of me and my brother with the same owl 10 years apart.”

2. “Me and my son. Same tux, 30 years apart.”

3. “Not much change in 25 years.”

4. “My grandfather on his honeymoon in 1955 and me traveling for work in 2018.”

5. Winthrop Beach, MA 1950s and 2021

6. “My pops in the same location, 15 years apart.”

7. "Happy 70th Anniversary to my wife’s grandparents! Married 11/11/1950.’

8. “My great-grandmother and grandmother in Portland, Oregon 1944, and me in 2021.”

9. “At the top, my wife and I in 2008, after I’d driven from NYC to Chicago to visit her for the first time. At the bottom, our wedding day in 2018.”

10. “My grandmother in 1960 and me, 61 years later.”

11. “My wife with the Apple, then and now”

12. “Me in 1995 and 2010, British Columbia”

13. “Me and my dad, 1989 and 2016”

14. “The family car and me, 20 years apart.”

15. “Have taken family Xmas pics for several decades. Here is one of us in our 20s vs Us now in our 60s.”

Do you have any recreated pics with your family or friends? If you do, share them with us in the comment section.

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