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15 Desperate Guys Who Lost Their Fight Against Sleep

This world is so hectic and restless that sometimes we just can’t cope with its energy. The heroes of today’s article show us what sleep deprivation looks like. Relax and get some rest!

Bright Side has collected some funny photos proving we’re helpless when it comes to sleep.

Sleep deprivation deprives us of food.

The book actually works!

“Good morning, human!”

“The way my dad goes for a run.”

What do you know about comfort?

People at 8 AM

This book is probably interesting (and effective.)

You should feel comfy no matter where you are.

Even dogs face this problem.

They probably don’t even know each other.

“The first quiet minutes after sending the kids to school...”

Poor students

Sleeping Beauty after her walk

“It reminded me of Toy Story.”

First working day after the Christmas holidays:

Do you know that feeling of when your reality turns into an illusion if you don’t get enough sleep? Share your stories with us in the comments!

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