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15+ Manufacturers Who Care About Their Customers Like Loving Grannies

We are used to believing that manufacturers and sellers only think about earning money and filling their pockets with dough. And it’s not for nothing why this stereotype appeared: some of them don’t put the necessary amount of goods into their packages, some trick us with their cunning ads, others send us clothes that have nothing to do with the pic we saw on the internet. Taking into account everything we just mentioned, it’s not surprising why every time we make a purchase, we expect to be cheated and when a business happens to care about their customers it turns out to be something outstanding for us.

We at Bright Side truly believe that not all manufacturers are sly and hard-headed. That’s why we put together examples of when sellers who care about their buyers like they are their own kids.

1. “I found a mug with a tea bag holder.”

2. This chess set has valid moves for each piece stamped on their bases, making the game much easier for beginners to learn.

3. “This nutmeg I bought in France comes with its own tiny grater.”

4. “I just noticed my backpack’s chest strap has a whistle that can come in handy in extreme situations (if you get lost in the woods, for example).”

5. “The font size on my contact packaging increases with my prescription.”

6. This baby pickle jar came with a tiny elevator for them.

7. This pill bottle lid tells you when you last opened it.

8. These socks have a “stash” pocket with a zipper where you can keep valuables.

9. Japanese toilets often have a button that plays white noise/water sounds so you can poop without other people hearing your business.

10. The cutout in this bank card allows blind people to know which way they’re holding it, so they can use it in cash machines or payment devices.

11. This can of Spanish cola comes with a resealable plastic cap. If you couldn’t drink everything at once, the leftovers won’t spill.

12. This guy’s jacket hood has a built-in pair of sunglasses.

13. “My work laptop has a webcam cover.”

14. This box of dates comes with a built-in area to throw away the pits.

15. This sunblock bottle that has a built-in mirror so you can see your face when applying.

16. This flash drive has a capacity meter.

17. This drink cover has a built-in smartphone holder to make your coffee break even nicer.

When was the last time you bought something and got surprised at how well-thought-out the design of your purchase was? Or do manufacturers disappoint you more than they pleasantly surprise you?

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