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15+ People That Will Now Steer Clear of Online Shopping

Online shopping saves a lot of time, but there’s one big downside: you can never be 100% sure that you will get exactly what you ordered online. You just need to be prepared for surprises and take them with a smile.

This is exactly how the users from the new Bright Side compilation reacted. And now, we think they will think twice before they order something online. Or hopefully they’ll get a nice surprise, like the girl from the bonus.

1. When you ordered regular sneakers but received this

2. “Breaking Bad mask my friend bought on Instagram”

3. “And this is why I don’t do online shopping. They were supposed to be my size.”

4. “I think my new doggie pool is a teeny bit too small.”

5. “I’ve been waiting since mid-September for my Xbox Series X to come. This was the box that it arrived in.”

6. “Ordered pepperoni pizza, got pineapple pizza...”

7. “Ordered $700 worth of PC parts that arrived like this, thanks UPS.”

8. “Ordered cables, got a muffin tin.”

9. “I only needed one robot.”

10. “My dad ordered a fryer, but Amazon sent him a cotton candy machine instead. Sadly, this is the highlight of my year.”

11. “I just received a bedroom guitar amp I ordered and am amazed by its size. Banana for scale, and it works with batteries!”

12. “Ordered the Catwoman mask. I think they gave me the wrong one...”

13. Expectation vs Reality

14. Always double-check the dimensions when you order something online...

15. “My friend ordered ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ on eBay, this is what she received.”

16. “I got 2 left sneakers.”

17. Stuff like this happens too.

Bonus: “I was really sad when I saw this dress, so I wrote a complaint to the seller. He replied that I put in on the wrong way and that I needed to turn it inside out.”

Have you ever been disappointed with online shopping? Show us the things that didn’t live up to your expectations!

Preview photo credit BirdCalledPriya / twitter
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