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15 People Who Do Things Their Own Way No Matter What

The debate between “cereal first” people and “milk first” people will never grow old. And we’ll never stop being surprised by people who do regular things in an unorthodox way. Sometimes it’s something endearing, like wild design decisions, but other times, their behavior can be outright obnoxious.

Bright Side collected 15 photos of people whose decisions make us look them straight in the eye and ask, “Why are you doing it like that?”

1. They’re blocking parking spots for their family members who are “right around the corner.”

2. “My wife is so organized, she packs zipper bags with her outfits for each day on vacation.”

3. “Demolishing the house next door — I couldn’t resist.”

4. “A man wearing shoe protectors over his work shoes on the metro.”

5. “ZOMBIE ATTACK! I wrapped friends in duct tape and stuffed the forms to make this Halloween display.”

6. “My best friend’s ’non-engagement’ announcement I just got in the mail”

7. “In a brief lapse of judgment, I asked what the difference between left and right tampons was.”

8. “My dad, a compulsive precisionist, uses measuring tape to divide a baguette into exact thirds.”

9. “I moved in with my dad a little over a month ago. He asked me to clean my hair from the bathroom sink.”

  • “I told him I didn’t know what he was talking about. This evening, I came home to this.” © gingeralee / reddit

10. “My roommate painted ornaments of everyone in our house.”

11. “It’s the last day of pear season.”

12. “My wife thinks she’s funny, I tend to agree.”

13. “My brother’s vintage VHS man cave, the October version”

14. “My grandmother just came home like this. I love her so much.”

15. “My dad ’fixed’ my lawnmower.”

What weird habits that people have do you know of? Do you have some yourself?

Preview photo credit RphilRT / reddit, Dmopzz / reddit
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