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15 People Who Understand Murphy’s Law Better Than Anyone Else

Some days test our patience, and it always happens when we least want it. Ideally, we’d like to learn life lessons when we’re not running late for work or finishing a task right before the deadline. The wisdom would sink into our mind better on our day off, with a cup of tea, preferably. Yet, the universe has other plans for us, and we have to be ready for its tricks.

1. “Put my visor down to block the sun.”

2. “Pest control guy found a weak spot in my attic. He’s ok, and invited to Thanksgiving.”

3. “Yep. That is your drawer now. Wolf spider is harmless, but he’s mentally dominating me.”

4. “How my step dad decided to close a box of cereal after eating edibles last night.”

5. “Man, I just wanted to know how much I weigh.”

6. “We had a party at our house last weekend. I don’t know who you are but thanks for coming ’Tom.’”

7. “Instead of my Christmas gift, Amazon delivered an industrial supply of single-ply toilet paper.”

8. “My sister didn’t mention that her dogs have fleas when I said I’d watch them for her.”

9. “The haircut the groomer gave my dog.”

10. “How my grandmother ate her pizza today”

11. “Got poison ivy in my eye.”

12. “Bought 4 rolls of Spree. All of them only had orange candies. Orange is the only flavor I don’t like.”

13. “My mom ate the cucumbers from the cucumber role and left us this.”

14. “Was about to sleep when I found this guy on my pillow.”

15. “This dog emptied the food bowl so it could sleep in the bowl instead.”

What life lesson do you never seem to learn? What was your recent “patience test”?

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