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15 People Whose Genetic Game Is Absolutely Smashing

All people are 99.9% identical genetically, studies say. This 0.1% is the reason each one of us differs. However, 2 people may sometimes look so alike that it seems they have 100% identical genes. The heroes of this article shared pics of themselves and their ancestors, and looking at them, we have nothing to say but, “This can’t be real.”

We at Bright Side are impressed by what nature can sometimes do and want to share these people’s stories with our readers.

1. “The similarities between my clone — I mean, my son and me...”

2. “Some people say my daughter and I look alike.”

3. “A side by side photo of myself and my grandpa when he was in the army, taken in 1958.”

4. “My great uncle and me”

5. “My husband and daughter”

6. “My dad and I look exactly the same.”

7. “My mom and me, both at age 16”

8. Is it a beard or are they copy-pasted?

9. “My mom and me at age 17”

10. “Me in the mid-’90s and my son in 2020 — not quite the same pose, but I like seeing the similarities!”

11. “That’s me on the left and my daughter on the right (1 year old).”

12. “The right picture is my boyfriend’s ear and the left picture is our daughter’s ear. They have the same small indent that looks like a hole.”

13. “My grandmother, my mother, and me”

14. “My 30-year-old self and my 7-year-old son — I think he kind of looks like me.”

15. “That’s me (left), and my son (right), 26 years apart.”

When was the last time you witnessed the unbelievable work of genes?

Preview photo credit Maverickanadian / Reddit
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