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15+ People Whose Patience Is Stronger Than Steel

Patience is a virtue, they say, and this statement is very true. Many situations in our lives can be a real challenge to go through without getting annoyed or frustrated: traffic is always slow when you’re running late, and your kids want yet another bedtime story when you’re practically falling asleep. But scientists are convinced that being patient does pay off — such people are better friends and even have fewer headaches.

We at Bright Side admire the resilience of the heroes in today’s article and hope to learn a thing or 2 from them.


My 4-year-old, listening to my heartbeat with his toy stethoscope, says, “I have bad news for you. I’m pretty sure there are a ton of bats in there.” © jaime_berry3 / Twitter


The 3-year-old insisted on helping me put all the laundry away. It’s only taken us 6 hours and 10 minutes and, apparently, pants go in the fridge now. © outsmartedmommy / Twitter


Husband: I thought you were dieting?
Me: I am.
Husband: You just ate 6 Oreos.
Me: Yes, but I want to eat 12. See? Dieting. © cydb**r / Twitter


— Tell me you’re a parent without telling me you’re a parent. © IMomalogues / Twitter
— But you liked this dinner last week. You ate 2 helpings of it. Yes, you did. Yes, you did. You did. Just eat it. I told you they’re carrots. Yes, I did. I did. Carrots. © Betts_Matt / Twitter


I just watched 100 back-to-back episodes of Paw Patrol© wanderingpram / Twitter


I was on the subway the other day and there was a dad next to me that was letting his little girl draw on his arm with a pen. She was saying things like, “And this is you and Mommy...and I’m gonna draw my flowers here...and this is grandma’s house...” and he’s going, “Uh-huh... And did you draw Grandpa? And where’s the puppy?” She had covered his forearm entirely in doodles. It was adorable. © wittles / Reddit


A relationship should be 50/50. He gets fries for himself and I eat half of them. © jasminericegirl / Twitter


I just saw a guy in the library cry for 5 or so minutes, and then his phone alarm went off and he just... stopped crying. And went right on back to work. © maggieisntcool / Twitter


My wife bought off-brand Pop-Tarts. Sometimes I think she’s acting out on purpose. Don’t know why she’s trying to drive me away, but I’m not going to budge. I’ll love her through this. This is the raw and often ugly side of marriage people don’t want to talk about. © SeanLowe09 / Twitter


The husband and I reminiscing about the time I texted him on my way home: “Can you start cooking those sausages?” Then added < 3 as a cute little heart. He cooked 2 sausages. © AzureDoo / Twitter


Fact: Kids have 2 stomachs. One is the meal stomach. It’s about the size of a pea. This is why children cannot consume a full breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The second stomach is the snack stomach. This stomach stretches and has an infinite amount of space. © dadmann_walking / Twitter



My cat is such a teenage boy. Demanded to get in while I was streaming after being away ALL DAY, wolfed down some dinner, and IMMEDIATELY DEMANDED TO LEAVE because his FRIENDS WERE WAITING OUTSIDE. © ellenfromnowon / Twitter


My husband just walked in, told the dog how cute he was, and how much he loved him. Held his face in his hands, stared into his eyes, and gave him forehead kisses. Then left the room. I’m sitting right next to the dog. © LaLa_Lyds / Twitter


Welcome to parenthood. There are now lip-shaped imprints on all of your window panes. © copymama / Twitter


Pro-tip for couples suddenly working from home together: Get yourselves an imaginary coworker to blame things on. In our apartment, Cheryl keeps leaving her dirty water cups all over the place, and we really don’t know what to do about her. © mollytolsky / Twitter


My 4-year-old was FaceTiming my mom and took off with my phone. Later I opened the pantry and saw my mom still on FaceTime waiting to be found. My 4-year-old left my mom in the pantry. Grandparents are golden. © BunAndLeggings / Twitter

What is something in your life that tests your patience from time to time?

Preview photo credit jaime_berry3 / Twitter
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