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14 Photos About Married Life That Are Right on the Money

Marriage has a funny effect on people. On average, people tend to start gaining weight during their first year of marriage, and yet they somehow tend to gain weight slower than people who just live with each other. In other words, after the wedding, you win some and you lose some. People around the world are sharing photos that perfectly illustrate what life is like after the honeymoon is over.

1. “Married life in a nutshell”

2. Wise couples pick their dividing the table in 2.

3. Husbands, much like dogs and dolls, are the perfect practice for having children.

4. “My wife, breastfeeding our newborn while writing an essay to apply for her PhD”

5. “My wife banned getting any more kitchen gadgets, but I got a vacuum sealer and disguised it as a computer accessory. She’s never noticed.”

6. Every married couple’s dream date night — a wallet full of gift cards.

7. “Married life...the wife’s got my back.”

8. A study in contrast: a single person’s lunch and a married person’s lunch

9. In many ways, your family prepares you for married life.

10. “My wife dried and saved all the flower petals from our relationship: dating, engagement, and post-marriage.”

11. Even dogs know the hurdles of married life.

12. The happiest day of her life...and her wedding day...

13. “Took my 3-year-old shopping and my husband was too lazy to carry a bag in one hand and the child in the other.”

14. Having 2 screens means never going to bed angry.

Bonus: This couple was clearly made for each other.

Do you know any other photos that show what married life is really like? Please share with us in the comments!

Please note: This article was updated in December 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit Kolt89eu / Reddit
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