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15 Pics That Prove Good Deeds Can Make Any Day Brighter

Life isn’t always easy. It is not obstacle- or challenge-free. In fact, maybe if we look around right now, we’ll quickly find someone in need of something. But the good thing is that every day is full of people who are willing to help. More than that, people who really enjoy helping.

Bright Side highly values those people who are happy to help those who need it most. Here we show you some true guardian angels.

1. “Not all heroes wear capes.”

The bus was about to make a right turn when this kid was crossing the street slowly on his bike, visibly crying with no parents nearby. As the driver was turning he asked out the window if he was okay. Then he got out of the bus to make sure he wasn’t hurt or that something bad hadn’t happened. All it turned out to be was that the chain on the bike appeared to have fallen off, so he hooked it back on for him and got back on the bus. Riot284 / Reddit

2. “Door staff keeping a customer’s dog dry while they shop.”

3. “A missing dog sign was posted outside of my work this week. This little boy is the only person I have seen stop to read it. After thoroughly reading it, he begged his mom to take a picture of the sign as she waited impatiently. Now I know there is at least one more person looking for Ollie.”

4. “Saving forest bunnies from fires.”

5. “My dad (who has no idea how to cook) knew I’d be in meetings all day so he woke up extra early and made me pancakes and coffee. They tasted awful but they were such a wonderful surprise and I love this man.”

6. “Teaching my little people to pick up trash at the beach.”

7. “One of my clients is in her 70s and recently widowed. Today we found this sweet note from someone in her neighborhood (she doesn’t know who is it from) along with this beautiful plant and other small gifts.”

8. “Some teenagers in my hometown spent their Sunday doing this.”

9. “Yesterday we discovered a mourning dove had been trapped in our chimney for hours. With his iPhone, a flashlight taped to a board, and FaceTime guiding the way, hubby was able to retrieve the poor thing. It recovered & was released this morning.”

10. A coat waiting to be needed

11. “My friend’s sister lost her car key while jogging, someone else made sure she found it.”

12. “Washed AND ironed 😍”

13. “The wooden mast had to be replaced with a concrete mast, but the professionals preserved the Toucan’s house...”

14. “Superheroes wash windows at a kid’s hospital.”

15. “In Tarim Hadhramaut, Yemen, a street vendor shared umbrella shade with his donkey during some hot sunny weather.”

Have you ever been helped by someone when you needed it? Or have you been the one who made someone else’s day? Maybe you can do that today — you just need to look around and find someone who needs your attention.

Preview photo credit Majestic_Beard / Reddit
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