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15 Pics That Prove Some People Are Ahead of Their Time

Many impressive inventions have a long history. For instance, the idea of making electric cars first appeared in the early 19th century; today, we can see some real ones on our streets. But sometimes, you don’t need to be a genius engineer to create something fascinating and helpful.

We at Bright Side have found some nifty people who seem to come up with the brightest ideas without even trying.

1. “I did this with lipstick, water, a phone flashlight, and a bit of creativity.”

2. “When my legs are tired from standing all day and I have to make dinner, I use a dining chair to kneel on to help with leg fatigue.”

3. Creative solution to finish your thesis

4. “The glovebox door was a perfect fast food napkin dispenser until my wife opened it.”

5. “This way to solve a pigeon problem”

6. “I made a boys-vs-girls chess set out of the free superhero mini figures from Circle K.”

7. “My Uber driver has a charging cord for the passengers. Bless.”

8. “An infinity mirror clock I made”

9. “This lake house has a library out front.”

10. “When your buns are stale, but you have a rice cooker.”

11. “For belts that won’t reach the next loop.”

12. How to bake two pizzas at once

13. “Unexpected blizzard, had to improvise.”

14. “My dad broke the microwave and instead came home with a blender that makes soups.”

15. “My friend’s dog gets watery eyes in the car, so he improvised. Welcome to the stormtroopers.”

What other creative approaches do you use in your day-to-day life? What other tips have you tried yourself that proved to be very handy? Please share them with us in the comments below.

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