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15 Pics That Will Add an Extra Ray of Sunshine to Your Day

So far, there’s no single theory that defines what makes something funny. People can find amusement from various experiences, jokes, or even misfortunes. But what is certain is that laughter is a social activity, and we are 30 times more likely to laugh when we are with company than if we were alone.

Our sense of humor may be at different levels, but we at Bright Side have a feeling that these 15 pictures will manage to coax out a chuckle from everyone.

1. “White dog + fresh cut grass”

2. “It’s my grandma’s 101st birthday. For the cake, we said ’one hundred and one’ and this is what we got.”

The icing reads “Happy 1001 Birthday Mom.”

3. “My coworkers got me a cake for my last day on the job.”

4. “My little cousins wanted to know why the art museum had a painting of their uncle...”

5. “My daughter used markers to put ’makeup’ on her dolls. I tried to wash them. Cinderella had an especially rough night.”

6. “My little cousin broke a plate and tried to hide it from my aunt.”

7. “Someone in this museum has a sense of humor.”

8. “My brother accidentally wore the same outfit as my daughter’s birthday present.”

9. “I live at 10,000 feet and my friend sent me this tiny toy.”

10. “The placement of the garbage can makes the image on the wall look like the man is dumpster diving.”

11. “I tried to be cute and carved ’I LOVE U’ into my wife’s banana last night, and this morning, it looked like a note from a stalker.”

12. “I made this for my gynecologist...”

The text reads “Dr. McCullen at your cervix.”

13. “Took a picture of my sister at the zoo.”

14. “So I tried to bake a cake. I think it’s going through puberty.”

15. “Thankful to this unknown man for striking a pose and for not messing with my camera set up after he stumbled upon it.”

What sorts of things make you laugh? Do you often use humor to defuse tension or break the ice?

Preview photo credit Lr4d / Imgur
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