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15+ Pics That Will Make You Want to Wash Your Eyes With Soap and Then Look Again

We fall into a state of complete confusion when our eyes see something that makes zero sense to our brain. Whether our dog’s head has suddenly gotten gigantic or an eye-shaped shadow appeared on our ceiling for no rational reason. These peculiar sights can be a bit creepy at first, but they can also be hiding a mysterious twist. Some might even believe that the Universe is trying to send them a personal message.

At Bright Side, we like surprising situations that combine humor and intrigue. We will share with you a collection of photos that will require a few attentive glances until you understand what’s truly going on.

1. ’’My dog dog fell asleep under a pillow and gave me a heart attack.’’

2. “My drain hole.”

3. ’’Somehow, he looks like we mounted him to the wall.’’

4. ’’My friend’s way of drying shoes scared me a bit.’’

5. ’’My cat’s in a strange position where he seems to be missing 2 paws.’’

6. ’’The shadow created from my light shade.’’

7. Looks like a black hole right in the middle of the kitchen.

8. This is not a ciabatta ham sandwich that has been smushed.

9. ’’My puppy balancing a tiny cup on his head.’’

10. The car is actually not missing its fourth wheel.

11. Looks like this man has a supernatural arm. Or does he?

12. ’’The reflection on my truck window makes the cola look like it’s a completely different size.’’

13. It looks like this icicle is defying gravity, but it is actually held by a single spider web.

14. Not a man brushing their teeth.

15. He’s otherwise actually quite angelic.

16. He looks kind of incomplete.

Do you often notice these kinds of things? Do you think they happen by pure coincidence or is there something more to them?

Got some cool photos or stories and want to be featured on Bright Side? Send them all right HERE and right now. Meanwhile, we’re waiting!

Preview photo credit CharlieF***it/Reddit
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