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15+ Reviews From People Whose Sarcasm Level Breaks All Records

Detailed reviews on goods are a real treasure for any buyer. They become even more useful if they have an attached photo. Moreover, sometimes people write their reviews in such a witty manner that you’ll want to take a screenshot and share it with the whole world instantly.

Bright Side promises: not only will you laugh while reading this article, but you may also cry a little bit. At the end of the article, there is a bonus that will show you the unusual owner of a carry-on backpack.

1. Admit it, have you ever lost an order immediately after receiving it?

2. These things happen too.

3. “I was looking for a selfie stick and made my choice based on reviews.”

4. One of the best bra reviews

5. It’s about transparent double-sided tape.

6. “It took one month to arrive, but the delivery was fast. I haven’t unpacked it yet, but the quality is 5+!”

7. This person spent some time at a police station.

8. A review about a registry office

9. Our life would definitely be different without bold cats.

10. A bike review

11. When you bought a Bluetooth headset

12. Maybe your kids also have toys that you want to play with.

13. A review about a laptop backpack

14. The world has one less suffering person, thanks to wax earplugs.

15. The more retired people with free time we have, the fewer poor quality products will appear on shop shelves.

16. We can’t explain this. Can you?

Bonus: “I decided to buy a carry-on bag with a window for my cat. So I started the search, read the reviews, and checked the photos of pets in these backpacks. Suddenly I saw this:”

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