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15 Times Nature Decided to Pull Tricks on Humans

Be it a jalapeño disguised as a T-rex or putting seashells up on the tops of trees — as it turns out, sometimes nature loves breaking its own rules. By pulling tricks when we least expect them, it’s almost as if nature actually likes to toy with humans for a good laugh.

Bright Side has put together 15 such photos that will make you believe that even nature has a sense of humor.

1. A jalapeño that looks like it’s about to devour you instead

2. “This 5-inch moth we found in our yard today”

3. “The skin on my apple kind of looks like the silhouette of a camel.”

4. “My cat’s markings make him look like he doesn’t have a nose.”

5. This isn’t a grape — it’s a chip that’s full of air.

6. “This icicle kind of looks like a spine.”

7. “My mom’s cat looks like this cross-stitch her grandma made 50 years ago.”

8. 2 roses growing out of the dying remains of another rose

9. “The way the boiling water pushed the peas into a star”

10. “Cubic crystals growing in old Play-Doh”

11. How much snails can really grow in size

12. Porcupine chew marks on a tree

13. “Our kiwi vine produces mostly twins and triplet fruits, enough to showcase the cell division process.”

14. “A dog at my local animal shelter has partial heterochromia in both eyes.”

15. These shells aren’t growing on a tree, nor are they full of cheerios. The high tides are putting them up there.

Have you ever seen something that reminded you of something else entirely?

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