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15 Times Nature Proved to Be the Most Powerful Force on Earth

Although nature is our second mother, the tricks it pulls on us remind us of our siblings. When nature is not in the mood, beware! Similarly, if she gets bored, be ready to witness some weird stuff. Mother Nature plays with the world around us when it’s bored and sometimes she takes it too far.

Bright Side shows you what happens when nature says, “Oops!”

1. Lightning hit this sidewalk.

2. This tree is squeezing through cement.

3. This tree broke into the house.

4. This pine tree grew around the palm tree.

5. “A ball of salt that I took out of the dead sea.”

6. “My watermelon grew around a match and pulled it from the ground.”

7. “We had purple clouds yesterday! (Freiburg/Germany)”

8. “This long and rectangular river rock I found.”

9. This perfectly straight managed forest, Ainsdale, UK.

10. How this tree fell

11. This mushroom photographed from below

12. If you don’t harvest your lettuce in time, it’ll start to look like Christmas trees.

13. This geyser right before it blows.

14. A rainbow in the dark

15. This tiny tomato

Have you ever witnessed the power of nature? Do you take pictures of nature’s tricks?

Preview photo credit Tttoille / Reddit
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