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15 Times People Were Unintentionally Surprised

It turns out that the emotion of surprise works on the dopamine system in our brains, helping us to direct our attention and giving us the tools to look at situations in new ways. The people below definitely had a dopamine explosion in their brains, judging by the curveballs the universe gave them.

Bright Side wants to show you 15 people that had a surprise so vibrant that their day made a 180-degree turn.

1. “Found a coin stuck in my daughter’s cast.”

2. “Fireworks reflection on my car”

3. “I cut into a cantaloupe and the inside was square.”

4. “This heart-shaped strawberry I ate today. Probably should have sold it on eBay tho.”

5. “This Beetle parked on my block had a smaller Beetle parked inside of it.”

6. “Got to work on the Wienermobile today.”

7. “Lady on my flight wore her camouflage shoes.”

8. “My mousse has a smile.”

9. “Piece of burl wood from an Oak tree I found on the ground”

10. “This little guy grabbed an equally little watermelon from my garden.”

11. “My lava lamp looks sorta like an explosion.”

12. “The curtain in my kitchen has holes that cast a creepy skull-shaped shadow.”

13. “The deer on my mom’s property had an albino baby!”

14. “In Vancouver, trained raptors (and handlers) have been hired to keep aggressive seagulls away from public eating areas.”

15. “Cool VW I saw today”

What was the most surprising thing you saw this week? Drop a comment.

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