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16 Deceitful Things That Pretend to Be Something Else

Nature has a lot to offer, including sights and creatures that look like one thing when, in fact, they’re something completely different. When it comes to creatures, we call this camouflage, and it helps both prey and predators to stay hidden. Some other things are merely geology at play, creating surprising scenes that only science can truly explain.

We at Bright Side think that Mother Nature is quite the master prankster. Here are some of her more inspired phenomena and creatures that can easily fool us with their deceitful appearances.

1. It’s not a leaf, but a bug called a leaf katydid.

2. These white stones are frozen methane bubbles.

3. Not a lava stream but an iron-rich salt water lake

4. These look like roots, but they’re a kind of mushroom.

5. This old crinkly leaf is the satanic leaf-tailed gecko.

6. There is a caterpillar on this leaf.

7. Looks like a movie prop, but this is the giant isopod, a marine creature that’s kept as a pet.

8. A cotton bale? This is a phenomenon called rolling snow, and it happens because of wind action.

9. It may look like a trapped fox, but it’s a large bat with a wingspan of 6 feet.

10. A feather-shaped cloud makes for a stunning picture.

11. Frost flowers are a beautiful ice crystal formation.

12. The snow, sand, and sea meet at the Baltic sea in Poland.

13. It looks like polymer resin, but it’s the rainbow eucalyptus tree.

14. It’s not the apocalypse — these are mammatus clouds.

15. It’s not just a dead leaf, this is the dead leaf butterfly.

16. A fungus causes ice to turn into fine hair-like formations.

Have you ever encountered any of nature’s marvels? Did you also get taken aback by these things hidden in nature? Share your stories with us in the comment section below.

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