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16 Designers Who Failed Epically at Their Jobs

There is a saying that goes like “good things take time” and in most cases this is true. However, there are occasions where people don’t put that much time or thought into designing things. Which is such a shame especially when you see skyscrapers being built in 19 days in China. And others can’t even build a decent shower with weeks of planning.

Bright Side gathered footage of 16 absolutely atrocious designs that create problems instead of solving them.

1. “Bus stop button at knee level”

2. “This shower at my Airbnb.”

3. “There are stairs to this elevator which defeats one of its primary functions.”

4. “Hotel shower has no edges so it floods. And the bathroom door has water damage.”

5. “Circles have already won.”

6. “A closet specifically for the ironing board?”

7. “A urinal in Germany with a full length mirror.”

8. “This counter clockwise ticking clock.”

9. “Ah yes, the Eiffel Tower, my favorite Italian landmark.”

10. “Who wouldn’t want a ceiling that looks like it’s covered with hair?”

11. “This notebook that is ’E’ shaped.”

12. A stop sign unlike any we’ve ever seen

13. Who said we need privacy in bathrooms?

14. “The roof parts over the seats so they’re always wet when it rains.”

15. “Genius design for parking spaces.”

16. “I just wanted to see the time for the next bus.”

What is the worst design fail that you’ve ever seen while walking down the street? Was it something that could be dangerous or something purely silly?

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