16 Exes Who Don’t Want to Be Forgotten

Ex-girlfriends and ex-boyfriends are special people that sometimes appear out of nowhere and shock us with what they do. But these situations are typically harmless, so we can relax and have a good laugh at them.

We at Bright Side are proud of the people in this article who didn’t just overcome awkward interactions with their exes, but they also shared their experiences with people online.

Some people are with you forever.

And the winner of “the weirdest question from an ex” is...

“See, this is an educated crazy ex. She didn’t break anything, but made it super annoying to get inside the car.”

They know us far too well.

The best revenge is simply ignoring them.

Someone is a bit wrong...

“My ex-girlfriend took the couch. I finally got the couch I always wanted.”


“Thanks for the wishes!”

This guy could be a secret agent.

How could she do this?

“My dad asked me what I wanted to do with the portrait I painted of my ex. We set it on fire.”

Middlemen are very important when it comes to exes.

“My ex-girlfriend asked me to touch up her engagement photos. She should know better than to ask me to do that.”

3 people in 1

“My ex sent me this and said, ’Look at what my wife cooks. I miss you.’”

How do your exes remind you that they still exist?

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