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16 Funny Pregnancy Stories From Bright Siders That Are Worthy of a Sitcom

Pregnancy is a special period filled not only with excitement and changes but with funny situations. Women cry for ridiculous reasons, get stuck on playgrounds, and put medical staff into a stupor. And in return, they get cool stories that sound like anecdotes.

Bright Side readers didn’t hesitate to share the funny things that happened to them during pregnancy. And they made us laugh heartily.

  • My friend went into the pharmacy with his 8-month-pregnant wife to buy a pregnancy test for another friend. Referring to his wife, my friend said to the pharmacist: “She is still not sure.” © Sanja Tasić / Facebook
  • Went into the hospital to have my third by C-section. When asked, “What would you like? ” I replied," Well I have 2 boys so a girl would be nice." She said, “No I meant do you want a general or local anesthetic?” © Annette Tranter / Facebook

  • I was about 8 months pregnant with my youngest. I asked my husband if he ever watched Charmed. He said no. I immediately began crying and sobbing, telling him that we had absolutely nothing in common, we would never make it as a couple, and that it was awful we were bringing a child into this doomed relationship. That was 5 years ago, and we’ve been together for 10. He’s still my very bestest friend. Even if he’s never seen Charmed© Dawn Worobey / Facebook
  • I wore a maternity sleeveless dress to work one day, inside out! When I asked why no one told me, the reply was, “We were afraid to tell you!” © Barbara Reeves / Facebook
  • I went to the doctor because I thought I had the flu, they did some tests, and came back out to tell me I had 6 months, I said “6 months to live?” He said, “No, you are expecting.” © Connie Wraight / Facebook
  • I often got too emotional during my pregnancy. My husband and I went on a trip to Jeju Island. On the airplane, the pilot greeted the passengers in both Korean and English and I ended up crying just because I thought it was so touching. He wanted everyone on the plane to feel accepted and safe. © Plamena Ilieva / Facebook

  • About a month before the baby, flowers were delivered to me and left at the front door for my birthday. The whole neighborhood thought I’d had the baby and they were phoning all day to congratulate me! © Julie Tronson Pienaar / Facebook
  • I was admitted to the hospital (labor & delivery) in the morning and I was in pain. I saw a lady arrive in the same condition to deliver and within a short span of time she delivered her child. 2 nurses were talking with each other about it and when I overheard them, I lost my mind and started fighting with them saying that I’d been there since the morning, asking how she was attended to earlier to me for delivery, as I had gotten there earlier than her. © Meera Jain / Facebook
  • I turned up at a midwife appointment and sat in the waiting room patiently. Time passed and the time of my appointment went by. Anyway, I continued to wait and it was nearly an hour past my appointment so I started to get angry and asked what was going on! The receptionist looked at her computer and said, “I’m ever so sorry but your appointment is a month from now, you’re a month early.” Needless to say, I was very embarrassed but I blamed it on baby brain. © Sam Mansell / Facebook

  • When I was pregnant, I would lie down on the sofa and my parrot would slide down my belly and run back up singing away happily. Then the baby would kick him, he clearly wasn’t happy. © Colleen McKernan / Facebook
  • A friend of mine and I were pregnant at the same time. We would only get together about once a month. One time when we were visiting each other, we tried to hug each other, only to literally bump bellies because we didn’t realize how much we had grown! © JoAnne Sapelli / Facebook
  • I was expecting twins, was bloody huge, and had taken my 16-month-old to McDonald’s. She climbed to the very top of the playground and promptly freaked out. I managed to climb up and reach her but realized my bulk was not going down the way l came up and l decided to send us down the slide. HUGE MISTAKE. My daughter made it and l didn’t, l got stuck in a bend. A poor dad had to pull me out. © Torie Newman / Facebook
  • When I was pregnant with my second, my daughter was 6 and was in the bathroom with me while I was taking a shower. I was getting out and she said, “Mommy, you’re getting FAT!”
    Me: “Sweetie, remember Mommy has a baby growing inside her belly.”
    Her: “I know. But what’s growing inside your butt?” © Lorielle Blackwell Gutting / Facebook

  • When I had my son, I shared a room with 4 other moms. When I woke up, I was outside in the hallway and I asked the nurse why I was put here. She replied that I snored so loud, I was keeping all the other mothers awake. © Christine Cunningham / Facebook
  • I come from a huge family, huge. When pregnant with my first, I sat on my grandmother’s bed and broke it! Now considering the size of my family, 100 people must have sat on that bed over the years but I was the only one to break the bloody thing! © Liz Clark / Facebook

Which of the stories made you laugh the most? Do you have funny stories? You can complete our collection in the comments.

Preview photo credit Dawn Worobey / Facebook
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