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16 People Who Wanted to Make a Copy of Famous Photos But Accidentally Made New Masterpieces

It's very hard to repeat someone else's success, but these guys managed to exceed all expectations. As it turns out, you can make any cool photo even better if you add your own unique feature to it.

Bright Side has chosen the most trivial pictures from social media and found their "brothers." Sometimes they are even better than the originals!

Sensitive photos with friends are in the past. Now it's time to show what women's friendship is really all about.

You've never visited a cool resort if you don't have a picture of a palm tree shadow on your back.

With your beauty, you can make other people freeze.

Animals can make even the most trivial photos unexpected.

When you live in a cold area, it's hard to look cool in winter. So you have to have a great imagination.

An interesting pose is not enough for a good shot. You need emotions.

Iconic photos have many copies, but the most memorable are the ones that are the most different.

More unpredictable animals in photos! The student becomes the master again.

We hope that one day you will find a person who will hug you and never let you go...just like these octopuses are hugging their new friends.

Looks like we've found an ideal "expectation/reality" photo!

It seems that the photo with the seagull stealing an ice cream has become a cliché. Will there ever be a photo where someone steals a seagull?

Looks like the Christmas card of these roommates has beaten the famous album cover.

Catching the sun with your hands is harder than you think.

After this, it's pretty hard to believe that all cute baby photos are not Photoshopped.

Fame goes well with yachts, bikinis, and flexibility. In all other situations, humor is your solution.

It has never been harder to tell which photo is more epic.

Have you ever tried to copy a photo? We think this list could go on forever. Share your works in the comment section below! Let's have fun together!

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