17 Girls That Wanted to Be Trendy but Then Changed Their Minds

In recent years, natural beauty has become more and more trendy and a lot of women are giving up on very obvious appearance changes. Many of them don’t even use ordinary beauty products and only pay attention to skincare. Other women stop dying their hair and getting nail extensions.

We at Bright Side are convinced that all women are beautiful and here are 17 girls that know how to show their beauty without injections, eyelash extensions, or lots of makeup.

1. “I was addicted to lip filler (before, after 3 ml filler, and now 7 months no injections).”

2. “No lashes for a change! Embrace what you got.”

3. “What 95% of a removed tattoo looks like”

4. “I’m on the road to self-love and this is a huge step. This is me without makeup. Not a single drop of makeup on my face.”

5. “Just got my septum piercing removed.”

6. “Been trying to like the way I look without makeup or fake lashes lately, not quite there yet but maybe soon.”

7. “Goodbye to 18 piercings. I thought piercings made me special but now I know I don’t need them anymore.”

8. “3 years ago my wife stopped coloring her hair.”

9. “No filter. No lashes. No makeup. Just a little gloss and sunlight.”

10. “10 sessions later... You can still see a little of it, but I notice it fade more and more so I have hope it’ll be even less noticeable in a couple of years.”

11. “With and without gel. Been using gel for so long, I forgot how much hair I have!”

12. “First entry in my ongoing attempt to recreate ‘unicorn nails’ without using powder or gel.”

13. “My lip fillers, before and after they dissolved”

14. “Entering my early 30s inspired me to change my ways and I went makeup-free. My results after 3 years of not wearing makeup and 2 years of taking good care of my skin.”

15. “Bad microblading of my brows and the removal process.”

16. “Lips before and after my lip filler dissolved.”

17. “I got bangs instead of Botox after asking for advice on my mini-forehead wrinkles.”

What beauty procedures are you giving up on?

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