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17 People Who Are Not Used to Giving Themselves Limits

The saying goes — don’t get old with your soul. And many people manage to follow it. They don’t feel shy to do what they like, regardless of their age and social opinion. If a man wants to buy himself a diamond ring, why not? Decided to learn to swim at a golden age? As easy as ABC.

We at Bright Side love people with the huge inner freedom, that’s why we can’t hide the characters of our compilation from you.

“This guy on my flight is looking out the window with binoculars from the aisle.”

“At 50, I got my hair, makeup, and wardrobe done for the first time ever last week. I’ve never looked so put together!”

“I had this ring custom-made for myself.”

“By the way, if anyone is wondering about the hairy knuckles, I’m a guy and I’m not a fan of big bulky rings.”

“I am 34 years old, and my mom is 69 years old. We spent the weekend together and walked away with matching sparkly sneakers.”

“After 20 years of being married, the best advice I can give you is to marry your best friend.”

“We still have as much fun today as we did as kids. Also, we are so sports.”

“Best ’joke’ gift I ever bought. I got a set of adult bibs online to make fun of my wife for spilling food on herself, and now I wear them all the time.”

“Changing out my skinny jeans for proper ’90s jeans made me smile today! That’s what I like!!!”

“Couldn’t help but snap a picture of this man at the Art Institute. Spoke to him a little later and he said he designed and knit the cardigan himself.”

“I’m an adult with bills and stuff, but I totally just bought these for myself.”

“Sometimes I wear my panda hat to work. This is what it looks like to everyone walking into the library.”

“You’d never know I wear a suit every day by looking at my lunch.”

“Can’t take my eyes off this hair.”

Driving again

“My mom trying to learn how to swim at 62 years old”

“My friend’s dad got a tattoo of his 18 y/o son’s comic art. ”

“This is not groundbreaking, and it’s not that well-constructed, but it is totally, unabashedly ’me’ and that is the reason why I sew.”

“We have become THAT couple”

How important is social opinion for you? Are you also like the characters from our article who always follows their heart?

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