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17 People Who Prove Anything’s Possible

Every obstacle and challenge we’ve overcome is due to ourselves and the people who helped us along the way. Nothing is impossible as long as we put our hearts into it, and our beautiful journey has only begun.

1. “I survived breast cancer, am moving out on my own for the first time, and am up for a new job!”

2. “I survived having my torn labrum repaired this morning. Today is day 0 of a 4-6 month recovery.”

3. “My mechanical prosthetic hand”

4. “3 years ago, I survived cardiac arrest caused by anaphylactic shock. I can smile again!”

“It gets better, friends. Keep on fighting. You are not alone.”

5. “Paralyzed from the neck down. I survived.”

6. “There’s nothing like a picture of your father and best friend. My dad survived heart surgery and I’m so grateful to still have him here.”

7. “I’m disabled but still try to be active. I built a robotic knee brace to help me up a mountain.”

8. “I’ve completed my most ambitious art piece yet. It took 135 hours. Survived a year since I quit my job, living entirely off my art.”

9. “My uncle didn’t like being unable to do higher-up chores after becoming disabled, so he designed and made his very own automatic wheelchair lift.”

10. “I didn’t let disability or pain stop me from appearing as a guest on a TV show.”

11. “Here’s my 98-year-old granny blowing out her candles. This year she had a hip replacement and still lives independently.”

12. “I had pulmonary fibrosis. Today marks 3 years of surviving a transplant and currently being the longest rock radio personality.”

13. “Haven’t been under 200 pounds since I was 11. 7 years later, I just did it.”

14. “These 2 photos were taken one year apart. Today marks one year since my first ’brainniversary.’”

15. “Today is the anniversary of my accident that left me in a wheelchair. Grateful and blessed for how far I’ve made it.”

16. “You can do great things when you do them together (almost 300 pounds lost between us).”

17. “I’ve been battling my depression but managed to fight through a little and lose over 115 lb.”

Which of these stories inspired you the most? Do you have any stories like these? Tell us in the comments.

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