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17 Pics That We Totally Didn’t Expect to See Today

Sometimes, we go about our ordinary lives in such an automatic mode that we just don’t notice what’s around us, or we don’t put much thought into it. If we start paying close attention to certain objects and the reasons behind why they are where they are, we might find some things that are really unusual and also hilarious.

1. “This dentist training tool.”

2. “Someone got cut off in traffic in Texas.”

3. “A skeleton decoration depicting an animal that does not have an endoskeleton.”

4. “This spork is made out of stainless steel and has a jagged knife edge on the side.”

5. “Captured a picture of me shocking my Gf...”

6. “My salt and pepper shakers look like they are in jail.”

7. “Mattress graffiti”

8. “A matching Chevy Corvette and Lamborghini Urus cruising through the neighborhood”

9. “A huge aspirin paperweight”

10. “My cousin’s shoes matched this house in Berkeley, CA.”

11. “This quarter went through a paper shredder.”

12. “Baby snail on my washing line.”

13. “A shot from the woods today”

14. “Those clouds are no joke today.”

15. “Saw these lovely rims today.”

16. A oddly shaped spoon

17. “Fake coyotes in our office parking lot to scare off geese”

Have you ever seen something so weird that it made your mind stop for a second? What was it? We would love to know in the comments.

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