15+ Times Mother Nature Exclaimed “Surprise!”

2 years ago

Witnessing Mother’s Nature gifts every single day, come rain or shine, makes us feel like it’s our birthday every day. It might sound like a dream, but it’s as true as can be — there is one condition though — we have to keep our eyes peeled and be ready to receive all gifts with a huge smile and an open heart. Extra toes, round eggs, and twin apples are just a few of the surprises we have collected for you.

Bright Side believes that opening gifts can make our day, so here are the best ones Mother Nature wanted to surprise us with.

1. “My son was born with an extra toe on his right foot.”

2. “This cat has black circles around her eyes.”

3. “My daughter (3) and I both have clubbed thumbs — no thumb wars for us!”

4. “My kitten was born with his 2 front legs folded toward his chest, his name was Morgan, I love it.”

5. “My double and triple apples.”

6. Kid born with conjoined toes, known also as syndactyly.

7. “One of our hens laid a perfectly round egg today.”

8. Dog with black spots on his tongue

9. “I found this strawberry in my garden today. It seems like this is caused by a condition called vivipary.”

10. “My friend has an extra crease in his fingers.”

11. “My kitten has 4 bottom fangs.”

12. “My mom was born without an ear canal on her right side.”

13. These mushrooms that look like beautiful burger buns

14. “Found this cherry growing unusually low near the ground.”

15. “The center of the log I was splitting looks like a cat.”

16. “The color pattern in my eye”

17. “Naturally occurring ‘ice flowers’ that form during perfect winter conditions in New Zealand. The flowers are on top of bark and rocks.”

18. “My little sister was born with 6 fingers.”

If you were born with an extra toe or finger, would you have wanted it removed soon after birth? Or would you rather keep it and show it off everywhere?

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8, 9, 13, 16 & 17 l've never seen these ones and l've seen Lots of strange things. Thank you, They're Wonderful!!!


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