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17 Rare Things Seen by Only One in a Million People

Have you ever seen a fluffy mineral, a golden tiger or the birth of a rainbow? The world is full of all sorts of mysterious sights, and it's exciting to know that we haven't seen everything in the world yet.

Bright Side collected the photos of users that were lucky enough to face these weird, unusual, and funny sights.

This very rare "golden" tiger is believed to be one among 30 that exist in the entire world.

These fluffy balls are actually a mineral called okenite.

Life is an Open Book, a sculpture by Brad Spencer in Downtown Charlotte, NC

"My friend's dad grew this perfect 'lime-on.'"

Hail in Alabama

Australian caterpillars crawling in a line.

"My fingers are unusually long, apparently."

This is what an egg of a ramp looks like:

A Baobab tree reborn from the remains of its former self.

Snow rolls formed by the wind.

That's how a rainbow is born.

"A flying fish landed on my boat last night. I took this quick pic then put it back in the water."

Unusual ability

"Hundreds of thousands of starlings migrating across the region covered the skies of Rome."

"I got an egg of an unusual shape."

An overloaded truck in India

The €0 denomination issued for the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx in a limited edition of 5,000 copies.

Have you ever seen anything unusual or extremely rare? Please share your photos in the comments!

Preview photo credit Lara Knowles/youtube, Brad Spencer
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