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17 Stories From People Who Received Very Unexpected Presents

Gifts are important for keeping in touch or making a good impression. That’s why a nice present should be memorable. At times, either due to a huge effort or by accident, a gift hits the right spot and becomes a part of someone’s life. Then again, a badly chosen present can spoil a relationship beyond repair!

Today Bright Side offers you stories of some really unexpected presents. We hope they’ll give you ideas on what you should, or shouldn’t, give to your loved ones! Good luck in finding the perfect solution, and as always, stay creative!

  • I got my worst ever present for my 25th birthday. For some reason, my dad and my brother decided to buy me a huge plush monkey. I mean — I really hate monkeys. I don’t like soft toys, and I was a bit too grown-up for this kind of stuff. What was the point of giving me this hairy monster?! Тhe monkey spent the next several years cluttering my room, and irritating me with its appearance, size, and worthlessness. It would have ended its miserable life in the garbage if not for my 1-year-old son. He came across this shaggy creature and fell in love with it right away. I washed & combed the thing and gave it to him. Now the monkey has a name (Robert) and it’s one of my son’s favorite toys. Turns out one person’s unwanted gift can become another person’s best friend! © Blackmahaon / Pikabu
  • On our wedding anniversary last week, we went to a restaurant. My wife is a school teacher and the waiter recognized her — as it turned out, he used to be one of her pupils. When it was time for dessert, the waiter brought us a package of delicious tarts, free of charge. There was a note on the package, saying: “To the best teacher in the world!.” My wife wept with joy! © sasKenigsberg / Twitter
  • When I was 9, my mom and I had a cozy, warm Christmas at home. She prepared a little quest for me, filled with cool hints and surprises. I was looking for the key to the dresser, which contained my presents — a bag of sweets and the porcelain doll I’d been dreaming of! Later, we watched the musical Cinderella and I fell asleep in my mother’s arms. Looking back, this is one of the most precious memories of my life! © nufrolofff / Twitter
  • This year, my boyfriend gave me the best birthday present anyone could wish for! No, it wasn’t an iPhone, jewelry or even a bouquet of roses. He paid for my cat’s expensive medical treatment, thus saving her life. The most generous gift I’ve ever received! © “Overheard” / Ideer
  • My wife Jane hinted that she wanted perfume for her next birthday, but didn’t specify the brand. I asked our daughter to go shopping with me/help me make the right choice. And this really paid off. I instantly liked the perfume she chose — it seemed perfectly suited for Jane. The only things that confused me were the bottle’s low-key appearance and the fact that the perfume was so cheap. I made the purchase, but still felt a little worried. When my wife unwrapped her gift, she smiled warmly and said: “So, you haven’t forgotten? After all this time?!...” I wondered what she was talking about. “You gave this very perfume to me on our first date...” Jane continued. “I liked the smell so much, and even looked for this brand later on, but couldn’t find it anywhere.” And then I remembered how, 8 years ago, I chose this perfume as a gift for the girl I only knew from online messages. The girl who was to become the love of my life! © SIDA1981 / Pikabu
  • Once I was asked to deliver a birthday gift to a retired teacher who used to work at our school. I went to her apartment and rang the doorbell. A nice old woman appeared on the doorstep. I rattled off greetings on behalf of the school and took my leave. 6 months later, on my birthday, that lady came to one of my lessons. She said a lot of warm things to me right in front of my students and gave me a box of chocolates. It turned out that, back when I came to visit her, she was mourning the loss of her husband. My sudden arrival lifted her spirits and helped her to face life once again! © “Overheard” / Ideer
  • When I was 16, I had a pair of favorite sneakers with bright yellow shoelaces. Over time, those laces got frayed and became less bright. So my boyfriend gave me a brand new pair of exactly the same intense color. Looking back, I realize what a thoughtful present it was. I’ve received much more expensive gifts since then, but I still remember those cheap shoelaces as the perfect symbol of love and affection. © Deleted / Reddit
  • Last Christmas, when my dad gave a present to a security guard at work, the guy almost burst into tears. As it turned out, this 40-year-old person had received very few gifts in his life! © maryhameleon01 / Twitter
  • My parents spent their youth working overtime and saving money. I respected that, so I never asked them for anything expensive. In my teens, I had a dream of becoming a musician. At school, we had free synthesizer classes, but — you had to bring your own instrument. Of course, my family couldn’t afford such a purchase. One evening I run to the door to welcome my dad home from work. He walked in carrying a large cardboard box. Inside the package was a brand new synthesizer. I burst into tears of joy. It was the best gift ever! © Sugandha Banga / Quora
  • A couple of years back, I was dating a guy online (he lived far away). At that time I often walked home from college classes after dark. It may seem strange, but this person’s first gift to me was a can of pepper spray. My friends laughed, but this present really touched my heart — I was pleased that my long-distance boyfriend cared about my safety! © Anonymous / Quora
  • When I was little, my parents suggested that I write a list of gifts I would like to receive. On my next birthday, they handed me a large, beautiful box. Inside were numerous smaller boxes. I opened the first one and felt horrified! My despair grew with each new box, because all of them contained things from my list. What’s wrong with that, you ask? Back when I wrote the fateful “list,” I was in a playful mood. So I put down things like an old sock, a lump of dirt, an old newspaper, a string, and others of similar items... After several minutes of tears and shouts of “I was only joking!,” I was given my real present. My mom and dad then said they decided to play along to teach me a lesson! © Neil Highnam / Quora
  • In my university years, I was good friends with my dorm roommates. The 2 of us went to fancy cafes on Sundays, it was our little tradition. But then money troubles began, and I had to cut down my spending. Pasta with ketchup became my staple food — breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Whenever my roommates invited me to eat out on Sundays, I just said something like: “I’m not hungry.” Then one day they left me a note: “There’s a little surprise waiting for you in your kitchen cabinet.” Mystified, I went into the kitchen, opened the door, and saw that it was full of yummy food. It was the most meaningful gift I’d ever received! After all, I tried to hide my financial difficulties, but — my roommates couldn’t be fooled. They didn’t say anything, they just did what they could to support me! © Emma Pichon de Bury / Quora
  • Back in my childhood, whenever my father went off to work, I would ask him to bring me something special. Sure enough, he’d always come back in the evening, carrying some nice surprise! We live in different cities now, but each time my dad comes to visit, he brings something intriguing in his suitcase. What’s really cool is that he can turn any ordinary object into a fascinating one. Thanks to my father, I learned to appreciate the value of simple things! © Alisha Ramos / Quora
  • A few years back, I had some very unexpected personal problems. I phoned my parents, who live in another city, and cried my heart out to them. The next morning, I was woken up by the doorbell. Standing on the landing were my mom and dad. The plane tickets must’ve cost them a good deal of their savings. Nevertheless, they came at once to support me. It was the best gift ever! © Manisha Kanoria / Quora
  • On the third anniversary of our relationship, my boyfriend gave me socks! That’s right — a pair of ordinary, cheap SOCKS. When, feeling incredulous, I unwrapped the “gift” — something fell out of one of the socks and rolled under the sofa. Trying to curb my righteous anger, I got on my knees. Under the sofa, half-covered in dust, lay a beautiful wedding ring! When I got up again, my loveable dork of a boyfriend was standing on his knees, a blissful smile on his face. And then he said: “Dobby wants a mistress!” I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry! © “Overheard” / Ideer

  • Last week, a colleague gave me a picture he painted himself, saying: “When I was working on it, I kept thinking of you!” I should mention that I’d recently been filling in for our boss, and said colleague is still jealous of this fact. Anyhow, the picture shows a field of sunflowers, stretching out into the distance and fading into clouds of dark smoke on the horizon. Peering through the smoke, one can clearly see the chimneys of a nuclear power plant. Now that’s what I call a clear and vivid association! © deleted / Pikabu

  • Last year, James (our boss) started dating my friend and colleague Mary. After a month of this epic love affair, James decided to impress Mary with a special gift. But, things didn’t go as planned. Later, Mary told me everything: “He kept telling me about this mystery present. Of how surprised and amazed I would be. I was expecting something cool — a skydiving adventure, a date on the rooftop, a luxury weekend getaway, a trip to Dubai. I even began to suspect he’d bought a wedding ring. As it turned out, his idea of a present was a microwave. Well, at least he didn’t bring me a gift-wrapped toilet bowl!” © vovkinsyn / Pikabu

What was the most memorable gift you ever received? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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