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18 Baffling Photos Where Shadows Tell a Different Story

Shadows repeat the silhouettes of the objects that cast them, and this is a well-known truth. But sometimes shadows look so bewildering that they change the way we see things. A straight ladder can cast a strangely crooked shadow, a lamp can suddenly scare you with a nonexistent spider, and a bare tree trunk can look like it has a rich crown. The world of shadows is full of surprises!

We at Bright Side found these 18 tricky shadows for you, and frankly speaking, they had us scratching our heads and thinking, “What’s going on?” for a little while.

1. “This shadow is cast from 2 different trees in my parking lot.”

2. “My dog’s shadow turned me into a centaur.”

3. “Santa’s shadow looks like Godzilla.”

4. “The shadow from this lamp almost gave me a heart attack.”

5. “Only 3 spiral ornaments and the rest are the shadows they cast.”

6. Only the prescription lens of these glasses casts the shadow.

7. This dog’s shadow is an almost perfect arrow pointing right at you.

8. “The shadow of this tree creates the illusion of a gap in the fence behind it.”

9. “The angle of the sun removes the italics on the shadow.”

10. This car casts a strangely square shadow.

11. It looks like the shadow of this bench is falling into pixels.

12. The ladder looks straight, but its shadow looks crooked.

13. This shaker ball shadow blew our minds!

14. “The way my planter’s shadow looks like an alligator”

15. “My box of laundry cast a shadow that looks like an old man.”

16. “This shadow from my charging cord is wavy due to the low angle of the morning sun.”

17. “The shadow of this patio table makes it look like I’m wearing fishnets.”

18. The animals are standing still, but their shadows are floating.

Have you ever seen an unusual shadow? Do you have a picture to share with us in the comments?

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