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18 Comments That Turned Very Ordinary Photos Into Hits

Sometimes, when you look at a photo, you don’t feel any emotions. For example, looking at a photo of a statue, well, there might be nothing special about it. But when someone comes up with an original comment, boom — it’s not just a regular piece of art anymore!

We at Bright Side managed to find the people whose comments on regular photos made us laugh and we absolutely had to share them with you!

“This lamp gave up.”

“Jupiter, high on caffeine, sleep-deprived, and doing its best to take care of 79 moons...”

“When kisses didn’t work”

“The dog came with the car.”

“You got a light?”

“He must eat a lot of flies.”

“Winter is coming.”

“Marty and Doc speeding down the interstate trying to get out of 2020”

“There’s CCTV in my apartment.”

“Yeah, my neighbor got the drilling angle a bit wrong.”

“Dogs are dangerous in Japan.”

“You’re in the wrong neighborhood.”

“My town is so rough, even the onion relish has a criminal record!”

“Tonight we feast on our potato crop.”

“This is my kind of art.”

“The bag that must not be named”

“When your taxi driver misses the turn and you’re trying to figure out if you’re already kidnapped or not”

“When you’re getting your pizza and trying to stop the cat from running away”

Do you have any ideas for funny comments for these photos? We would love to read them!