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15+ People Who Can’t Wait to Share What They’ve Achieved in 2019

Approximately 31% of people who make New Year resolutions don’t stick to them. But there are some of us who set the goals and made impressive results in 2019. In this article, you can find some incredible changes that people made to become a better person.

We at Bright Side love New Year's resolutions and want to share 15+ people with you, who can inspire you to make and follow through with your own resolutions in 2020.

1. “Felt like I had to recreate this picture.”

2. “First beard attempt before I knew about beard care. Second attempt after I learned about how to care for my beard.”

3. “I started January 1st, happy I stuck with my New Year’s resolution.”

4. A smile can change everything.

5. “Results of getting my hair permed. I freaking love it.”

6. “Before and after cleaning over 30 years of tarnish off my grandma’s spoons”

7. “It looks like he got a little older and stronger.”

8. First pic, 21st of February, second pic, 23rd of October

9. “Total change” mission has been successfully completed.

10. “Days before her 13th birthday she decided to come in for her FIRST ever haircut.”

11. “Before and after painting this typewriter”

12. “7 months of an adapted diet and heavy workout”

14. “Perfect metaphor for my life right now”

15. “4 hours of overtime well spent!”

16. "What a difference a year makes..."

17. "Before and after jaw surgery recovery. 130 lbs to 165 lbs over the course of 5 months"

Which of your dreams came true in 2019? Do you already know what resolutions you are going to set for the next year?

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