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18 People Who Create Masterpieces Just Like Fashion Designers

Sometimes, you can create something amazing and stylish even from simple clothes. For example, you can paint your favorite jacket, embroider your shirt, or make shorts and a hat from your old jeans. The heroes of our article say that it’s worth experimenting with your favorite items, this way you’ll never get tired of them.

At Bright Side, we got really inspired by this approach and we’re going to try to transform our own pieces of clothing too. Join us.

1. “I spent 300 hours embroidering this jacket.”

2. “Winnie the Pooh hand-painted shoes I made today.”

3. “I added a little ‘spark’ to my jeans! Now I look like a walking museum.”

4. “I hand-painted a pair of jeans. Piglet and spring time.”

5. “I painted this jacket myself. 2020”

6. “I’ve finally finished my boyfriend’s ramen embroidered T-shirt! Hope he’ll like it!”

7. “I don’t care if I look like I’m wearing children’s shoes. I painted these shoes today, and I love them!!!”

8. “I turned my dad’s old jeans into a bucket hat and shorts.”

9. “I painted a psychedelic scene onto a shirt.”

10. “I learned how to do punch needle embroidery last week and this week I made a llama denim jacket!”

11. “My sister borrowed my ripped jeans and put her feet through the holes. I used fabric behind the embroidery to reinforce it!”

12. “I made some shorts, a bucket hat, and a bag all from one old jacket.”

“Looks great. Especially the pants look like they were made by some big brand.” © SatoriTWZ / Reddit

13. “My girlfriend painted my shoes.”

14. “My resources were limited for a 12-year-anniversary gift, so I painted my husband’s jacket.”

15. “I had fun with tie dye and white jeans!”

16. “Handmade jacket I made from old jeans. I used 7 pairs.”

“Super cool. Looks like something you’d find by a very expensive brand.” © Kkallison23 / Reddit

17. “Batman Forever puffer jacket I made out of a sleeping bag.”

18. “I painted The Starry Night on my Converse shoes.”

Do you experiment with your clothes and shoes? Show us your ideas in the comments below.