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18 People Who Remind Us That Life Is Full of Pleasant Surprises

People tend to focus on negative things, so pleasant gifts that life has prepared for us are easy to overlook. While destiny showers us with great news, even bad ones have a silver lining. Just looking at things differently will change the things you’re looking at.

1. “The mailman gifted my grandma this so she wouldn’t get any more paper cuts.”

2. Uncanny resemblance

3. “These are most of the exit and fire safety signs I collected over the past 2 years.”

4. “Found this little frog in my apartment. He was dehydrated. After a few fruit flies and some soaking time he was okay, and I set it free outside.”

5. “Pleasantly surprised.”

6. “Waiting for my doctor’s appointment when suddenly...”

7. “My memaw’s eyesight is getting worse, and she loves playing board games and card games.”

“These massive UNO cards may be hard to hold, but it’s worth it.”

8. “A pleasant surprise when I zipped up my homemade pillow”

9. “Safety first”

  • “You must scream, ’There can be only one!’ to handle any of these swords. Thank you for understanding.”

10. “Went to the zoo today and I’m 99% sure that’s not a cheetah...”

11. “Our soap pump fell and cracked but didn’t break. The soap clogs the cracks.”

12. “A blinker fluid bottle I saw at a tire store”

13. “Our youngest son has a taste for irony.”

14. “Left a surprise for whoever decides to paint this wall next.”

15. “That’s some fine irony.”

16. “Well, thank you for the price drop, Jeff.”

17. “Found a rolled-up oversized portrait of my 4-year-old self in a storage box.”

18. Expectations vs reality in Japan

How often do you notice gifts that destiny is preparing for you? What has been the luckiest moment of your life so far?

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