18 People Who Had to Work Up a Sweat to Take a Cool Photo

The heroes of our article are crazy about nature and its beauty. For the sake of the perfect shot, some of them are ready to travel to the other end of the world, walk for several days in the heat or cold, and wait for the perfect moment and conditions for as long as it takes. Because they believe that the end justifies the means. Indeed, their vivid photographs speak for themselves.

At Bright Side, we can’t stop admiring the beauty of mother nature and the efforts the heroes of this article had to put forth to take these amazing photos.

“The breathtaking hole near Lagos, Portugal! It’s at least 98 feet deep and completely unprotected.”

“My wife was terrified by just watching me take this picture.”

“Tasman Glacier under the Milky Way — it was a very surreal feeling sitting in front of this glacial lake in the middle of the night!”

“Havasu Falls. I can’t wait to go back there.”

“The trip and the dead car battery was worth it. My grandpa used to walk these lands in Livno, Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

“I watched the sunset up at Mount Rainier. It’s by far one of the most enchanting places I’ve ever visited!”

“I paddled 13 miles, mostly in the dark, to catch this.”

“I caught this incredible exploding meteor when I went to Rattlesnake Lake in Washington last weekend. Zoom in to see the exact moment it explodes in 2.”

“—My favorite shot from my trip to Canada last summer. It was taken at Athabasca Falls.

— It looks like a fairytale.”

“The more terrible the weather, the better this place looks. A moody day at Milford Sound, New Zealand.”

“Anyone would be lucky to experience a night like this!”

“I walked 24 miles to take this photo.”

“I flew over Greenland for the first time with no cloud cover. Such a cool experience, I felt like I was on another planet.”

“Middle-Earth does exist! Even in Kyrgyzstan!”

“I hiked many miles in 90° heat to experience the night skies in Utah and capture a 30-frame panorama of the Milky Way.”

“The scene I’ve been picturing in my mind for years finally happened on Tuesday. Heavy fog over Cuyahoga River with an incredible sunrise to illuminate it all.”

“I waited for 3 hours in the wind and rain for the clouds to lift from these peaks. It was worth every shivering second.”

“We took a helicopter tour above the Nā Pali Coast State Wilderness Park. This is the moment my jaw dropped.”

“We visited the Isle of Skye in Scotland this weekend and got pure Middle-Earth vibes.”

We are sure that our readers have some beautiful photos of nature just like these. Share them in the comments below.

Preview photo credit NeightE / Reddit
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