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18 Photos That Prove the World Could Be a Better Place If We Paid More Attention to It

Saving the world sounds like a tall order, and reversing the harm we humans have brought upon nature seems like a daunting task. But we can all help in our own little ways — it could be as simple as doing small good deeds for the planet or even just allowing the environment to thrive on its own.

Bright Side gathered photos that show acts of kindness toward our surroundings and for wildlife, and we hope they inspire everyone to do the same.

1. “Bamboo that grew without the effects of human touch”

2. “Saw this lovely old lady giving water to a family of ducks who are miles away from a pond.”

3. “Somebody built a sun shade to protect a pigeon and the chicks in her nest.”

4. “This 130-year-old tree at a park is supported by metal beams.”

5. “My local cafe recycles empty milk boxes as coffee carrying trays.”

6. “This hospital parking attendant brings food for a mama duck and her baby.”

7. “An old man tending to a pigeon’s foot”

8. “My cousin was fishing when he rescued this deer who was so tired it was starting to drown.”

9. “A neighbor put out a water station for dogs to help them keep cool during the heat wave.”

10. “An anonymous person left this old bird a cup of water.”

11. “An amazing reforestation effort in Japan”

12. Before and after photos of a cleanup

13. “This tree was saved during road construction.”

14. “Someone built a cute house for stray cats, and they love it.”

15. “When I brush my dog, I put his hair in an empty bird feeder. Today, I found a nest in the driveway made with his fur.”

16. “Made a bug hotel for the garden.”

17. “When humans build around nature”

18. “Got a cool shot of the wildlife bridge built for deer and bears in the area.”

Have you seen other cool things people have done for the environment? Do you have other ideas that you believe can help nature?

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