18 Photos That Will Boost Your Happy Hormones

Looking at things we find cute and heartwarming can actually lift our mood and make us feel better. Be it a cat wearing a bubble helmet or the story of a sweet friendship that has lasted decades. Positive things make us happy, it’s not rocket science!

Bright Side has curated 18 of these warm photos that will brighten your day like sunlight.

1. “My grandpa got to meet his great-grandson for the first time since he was born last July.”

2. “I saved this Pooh Bear I got in 1992 for my future child. Here’s my 5-month-old girl loving him like her daddy once did.”

3. “My sister and I graduating Head Start vs Us graduating college”

4. “Obi-Wan found out the hard way that sand doesn’t taste so good.”

5. “I’ve lost the average American male in weight! Highest weight 527 lbs in August 2020. 327 lbs today!”

6. “Ground Control to Major Tom”

7. “My husband grew up without a dad. My Dad is taking him on his first father-son camp out today.”

8. “My best bud and I cleaned up a ton of trash today on our day off.”

9. “King of the tripods (and this household)”

10. “Only packing the essentials!”

11. The rescue said to take pictures that capture my foster kitten’s personality to help her get adopted. I sent them these.

12. “My art teacher’s gift to me for making it through senior year.”

13. “Dahlia struggling in the first photo at 2 months and now at 1 year and 5 months.”

14. “Cat sitter was asking how to get Sam out of hiding. I told him Sam likes food. He sent back this pic.”

15. “My pop’s best friend Bob turns 100 today. They talk every day.”

16. “Ordered large fry, got smol fry instead.”

17. “These 3 kids just got their first house (previously lived in an apartment) with a fenced-in backyard and their first pet!”

18. “The sad face he gives me when he can’t sit in my lap while I drive.”

Are there some cute photos of your family/pets you like to look at when you’re feeling down? We’d love to see them too!

Preview photo credit pupsaurus / Reddit
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