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18 Small Wins From People That Really Care About Our Planet

Today, more and more people are trying to show that they care about this big home we call Earth. Some are trying to give up on using plastic, some are trying to create less waste, and others are helping plants and surrounding them with love and care.

We at Bright Side were excited to find out that the United Nations General Assembly declared 2020 the International Year of Plant Health. We were impressed by the stories of our users that are doing a lot to make this world greener. And the bonus at the end of the article will show you how much joy it brings people.

“Old hair brush? Zip tie it to the leg of a chair for your cat to rub on!”

Hokusai’s Great Wave, me, recycled foil on wood block, 2020”

“My wife put giant googly eyes on our trash can as a joke. But it’s actually working for our zero waste goals. Now I feel shame because every time I toss something, it looks horrified!”

When you buy a real air freshener for your car:

You don’t need to throw away that old pack of detergent. You can turn it into a great Halloween pumpkin instead.

“I rescued this Fiddle Fig from a dumpster in April. I think it likes it here.”

“Old Spice has a plastic-free deodorant container.”

“My grandpa made me a plant stand.”

“I repurposed an old drum I got from an antique auction. I love it!”

“Ugly, but free and functional, zero-waste cable organization”

“My parents’ indoor jungle”

“Took some old pants and made them into this shirt! Don’t have a sewing machine so the whole thing is hand-sewn”

“I made my own hanging herb/plant wall for my balcony this year.”

“I knit a sweater made entirely of old/scrap yarns I had lying around.”

“Our brand new bed broke. I salvaged the wood, and turned it into a planter.”

“I think my living room is alive.”

“My aunt requested crocheted face scrubbies to replace her disposable cotton pads/balls. She asked for 24, so I put them in a repurposed candle container.”

“The welcome committee when entering my home”

Bonus: When you’d given up hope on a dying plant, but then spot new growth:

What do you do to take care of mother nature? What kind of plants decorate your home? Tell us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit awfultwatwaffle / Reddit