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18 Times Nature Showed a Different Side of Simple Things

Even a simple icicle can become a masterpiece of nature. Just take a break, go outside, and look around. You may see many little wonders that can make your day extraordinary and break the Groundhog day pattern.

1. “The ants in my yard are trying to make friends.”

2. “Frozen spaghetti for 2 in North Dakota”

3. “Sunshine reflected off of a small mirror and scorched my boss’s truck.”

4. “Bird dropped a quarter-note turd on my windshield.”

5. “Lady of the Tree, an enchanted tree in the north of England”

6. “After 2 days of freezing rain, this mold came off my tire.”

7. “The squirrels in my neighborhood carry stones as decoys.”

8. “Pathways created by ants inside a dead tree trunk”

9. “The way the reflection from the window melted the snow on the roof.”

10. “Gnarly pumpkin made gnarlier by mold”

11. “I found this bug in my garden. It stares at me like an alien.”

12. “An army of ants carrying a crab claw”

13. “Fungi on an elephant statue’s eye”

14. “Frozen paw prints”

15. “McDonald’s burger preserved in resin since the late ’70s”

16. “The water in this pole expanded while freezing and pushed the railing off.”

17. “Icicles on a car”

18. “This mushroom has the biggest booty I ever did see.”

How often do you go out into nature? Would you enjoy picking mushrooms and berries? Why?

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