19 Pics Proving a Parent’s Love Can Go Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

Friends and acquaintances may come and go, but one thing is for sure, our parents will always be ours, no matter the circumstances. We may not notice it right away, but our mothers and fathers truly love us in their own way. These actions, no matter how small, are proof that they will always be there for us.

Bright Side scoured the Internet to remind you that our moms and dads are the best people we can always lean on.

1. “My daughter has an irrational fear of hair clips, but she said she wouldn’t be scared if I did it first. So here we are.”

2. “Renewed the ’dad card’ today. Baby snugs are the best snugs.”

3. “He was born 11 pounds, 5 oz, and I pushed him out into the world.”

“After having an extremely difficult pregnancy, I have never felt more powerful.”

4. “Today, all I wanted was to chill with my husband and son — that’s all we’ve done.”

5. “Got a nice fish today. Good times.”

6. “Daddy daycare is my new favorite thing.”

7. “I literally have a mountain of laundry that needs to be put away. But my son wanted to cuddle and nap, so I’m happily doing this instead.”

8. “I attended my last class for my undergraduate degree today.”

“My parents searched for my car in the garages and decorated it and waited for me to be done in class as a surprise. Made me smile all day.”

9. “I accidentally cut my finger and my mom drew a smiley on my bandage.”

10. “I made a Sally Stitch costume from The Nightmare Before Christmas for one of my twin girls.”

11. “I turned my son’s wheelchair into a digger for Halloween!”

12. “My mom got this for me at last night’s show. I bawled like a baby.”

13. “My mother could never afford Heelys when I was 10, and she knew how much I wanted a pair. Guess what she bought me for a birthday this year at 31!?”

14. “This is my 8-year-old. He has autism and will probably never learn to ride a bike on his own. So we got this instead.”

15. “My daughter is graduating from preschool today. She wants to look her best, so she asked Mom to paint her nails.”

16. “First photo of my mom and dad together since they divorced when I was 9 months old. I’ve always wanted a family portrait.”

17. “It’s not always easy being a single dad but sometimes I get to experience some things other dads might not.”

18. “My mom special ordered this shirt for me after I told her about my recent alopecia flareup. This shirt makes me feel so powerful!”

19. “My Dad had passed out after taking care of my sick brother all night.”

Do you have a heartwarming story about your folks that you can share? What’s the best memory you have of your parents? Let us know in the comment section!

Preview photo credit berat235/Reddit


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