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18 Times People Encountered Remarkable Things and They Couldn’t Resist to Take a Snap

A simple trip to the store can put you in front of a lemon that looks like an octopus only with triple the number of tentacles. You could also buy a tomato and after cutting it, find that it is filled with sprouts instead of seeds. Surprises like these are hidden everywhere and you just have to keep your eyes focused on your surroundings.

Bright Side assembled 18 show stoppers that people literally paused everything they were doing to take a photo of.

1. A lemon looking like a prehistoric sea monster

2. “This tree looks like it has a face, spotted in Alpine, CA.”

3. “Weird vegetable I bought on the train in Thailand”

4. “Hedge I found had a face trimmed into it.”

5. “Clear leaf I found in a leaf pile by a lake”

6. “This tomato sprouted all its seeds while they were still inside.”

7. “This pre-popped popcorn in a cinema storage room ready for sale”

8. “Found this rock with an odd-shaped hole.”

9. This very specific speed limit sign

10. “Future sheepdogs, Georgia”

11. Starling eggs that are sometimes found whole

12. “This is an Osage Orange, or a horse apple. It is not edible, however, it is useful: Osage makes a good hedgerow.”

13. “My grandfather had a red-headed woodpecker land on his leg.”

14. “This loaf of bread I bought came with a baby loaf attached.”

15. A squash that looks a lot like a swan

16. “X-ray of my childhood bear, taken in the ’90s”

17. “Anyone ever seen a mushroom fruit from another within the same species? Paralepista flaccida.”

18. “A log loaded with coins I found in the Welsh countryside”

What is the most remarkable thing you’ve ever stumbled upon and had to stop and take a photo of? We’d love it if you shared your photos with us.

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