19 Examples of Perfect Service That Can Move Anyone

Everyone remembers a situation when a sales associate was rude to them or when their waiter was really unpleasant. That’s why it’s so impressive when companies actually take care of us: like someone who thought it would be a nice idea to build tiny stairs, so that children could see pizza being made or a veterinary clinic that created 2 separate entrances for dogs and cats, so that our pets don’t feel nervous. It’s so remarkable when companies think about more than just their bottom line.

Bright Side thinks that good service matters and wants to prove to you that there are lots of companies that think the same way.

“This playground has a swing for wheelchairs.”

“The cart at my local store has a place to charge your phone.”

And this one has a map on it.

This pizza box lid is perforated so it can be turned into individual pizza slice plates.

This vet has 2 separate entrances, one for dogs and one for cats.

Useful coconut packaging

“As a father with a young daughter I really appreciate this being a thing, thank you Brookfield Zoo!”

This pizzeria has a step so kids can watch pizza being made.

This pizza box can be turned into a table

These lines go up the wall to help you park perfectly in between the lines.

In Finland and the USA, there are dogs who work at libraries. Children who are learning to read can read them books and they listen to them attentively.

The colors help you find the shortest line: green = 0-1 customers waiting, yellow = 1-2 customers waiting, and orange = 2+ customers waiting.

“My new desk’s parts came separated by steps instead of by item.”

In Brazil, a restaurant owner installed these devices that are full of dog food and water.

Facts, so you don’t get bored in the bathroom.

The sticker on this mango shows you what color the fruit should be for it to taste the best.

This elevator has a Twister game.

This store has 3D printed accessories so you can test how they will fit in their handbags and backpacks.

“My local second-hand store made a reading corner out of books.”

Have you ever had excellent service?

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