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19 People Who Didn’t Expect a Tricky Surprise From the Universe

“The surprise is that you continue to be surprised,” as Jill A. Davis once said, and this is very correct. That’s probably because life is so unpredictable and the world is so vast that it’s impossible to say that we’ve seen everything. So surprises can be found pretty much everywhere and make our eyes open wider, giving us something to talk about.

Bright Side made a collection of situations that surprised people in the most tricky and happy ways.

1. “Walked into my friend’s house and this made me jump! As a gift, someone gave him a cushion with his face on it.”

2. “My cat’s toe bean looks like a nose.”

3. “This outlet built into the light pole at Fremont Street”

4. “I froze my friend in carbonite as an early Christmas gift for him.”

5. “Spotted Darth Vader fishing in Amsterdam.”

6. “There was a tiny rubber chicken in my barista’s tip jar.”

7. “This pedestrian stoplight is in the shape of a heart.”

8. “A tree growing inside drainage pipe”

9. “A knitted-over block I found at my grandpa’s house”

10. “I can’t even begin to understand my wife’s logic.”

11. “My son’s blanket was happy to be done spinning.”

12. “This nook on a hiking trail I walk often”

13. “This home security system”

14. “I have bent thumbs.”

15. “My car has a built-in phone in the dashboard.”

16. “This apple is red on the inside as well.”

17. “I found this perfectly intact snake skin in my backyard.”

18. “Rather than cutting down this tree for the power line, they simply carved a hole.”

19. “This cabin on top of a silo, Oldham County, Kentucky”

What has been the most unexpected surprise that appeared in front of your eyes? Was it something you were thrilled about or something that made you gasp for a moment?

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