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19 People Who Found a Whole New Level of Laziness

Everyone gets lazy from time to time. Whether it's spending the entire day at home or lying in bed for hours without going anywhere but the kitchen. Even in the professional world, it's easy to find people that take laziness to a whole new level. And the people from this compilation know exactly what it means to get by with doing as little as humanly possible.

Bright Side invites you to take a look at 19 photos that will improve your mood and manage to convince you that your level of laziness is nothing compared to these guys.

19. How lazy can you be to do this?!

18. "It's been like this for 5 days. Only a college student could be this lazy."

17. But the previous guy has a worthy adversary...

16. When you're too lazy to search for a mixer:

15. Students love pizza but hate throwing away the boxes.

14. There's no need to stress about running out of toilet paper any time soon.

13. Laziness level: Dad

12. "My dog accepting my laziness by bringing the frisbee to my bedroom window."

11. Packaging is something that lazy people don't even try to deal with.

10. When you're too lazy to get rid of old TVs:

9. Ignoring a package is the first rule of a truly lazy person.

8. A life hack from laziness professionals

7. "I'm too lazy to buy new flip-flops."

6. "Has my laziness gone too far?"

5. When your cat wants to walk and you don't:

4. Even a cool car like this can have a lazy owner.

3. "I was too lazy to get a clothespin so now I'm looking at my T-shirt blowing away in the wind."

2. When you know in advance that you're too lazy to carry the basket:

1. Our absolute favorite example of laziness

What has laziness made you do? Tell us in the comment section below!

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