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19 Things Around the World That Might Change Your Perspective

In China, they use fingerprints to sign documents. A fallen pine cone opens and closes its scales depending on the weather. There are many simple things that we didn’t even know happened or existed in our world and it’s time to reveal some of them.

We at Bright Side will never stop searching for amusing things and today, we want to share 19 pics of things you have probably never known about our world.

1. This is a close-up of a turtle’s skin.

2. “This is how they sign documents in China.”

3. “Wood ear fungus that really looks like an ear.”

4. “This is how woodpeckers eat walnuts.”

5. “The way they lay brick streets.”

6. “Japanese stairs in Tokyo show you how many calories you are burning.”

7. “I was today years old when I learned this is how peanuts grow.”

8. “This is how Canadian Mounties transport their big hats to make sure they don’t get damaged.”

9. “This is a chameleon’s foot.”

10. “This toilet in Japan has a place to put your child.”

11. “Number 4 is bad luck in China so they changed floor 44 to 43A in this building.”

12. “This is what Coca-Cola looks like in China.”

13. “A tiny brick flat in London.”

14. “The hotel I’m staying at has a frame on the mirror so you can’t see the reflection while you take a pee.”

15. “An anonymous person put tar patches between the road and the sidewalk so that cyclists have a smoother passage when crossing a street.”

16. “This salt flavored toothpaste in Thailand.”

17. “This whole wall is made of bowls.”

18. “A cone I picked up over a year ago will open and close with the weather.”

19. “At this airport, they have a machine that will print off free short stories for you to read while you wait!”

What was the last thing that surprised you about our world? Did you take some pictures? Please share them with us!

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